Friday, February 27, 2009

The Peeps in our Group

Let me introduce the people on this trip, because how could you understand our adventures without knowing whose doing the adventuring?

Ellen-from Cary, North Carolina, Education major and a member of the Elon Track team

Meaghan- from Boone, NC, Human Services major and also a member of the Women's track team

Charley-from Atlantic City, NJ, Business major and the "tool" of the group

Mike- from Phily, Econ-Bus major and a soccer enthusiast

Mark- from Maryland, Poly Sci and a straight out baller-ask him about "el gato negro"

Wini- from Chi-town, Business major and a beach lover

Glen-from Ga, Business major and a member of the Men's track team

Martha-from NC, International Studies and a member of a sorority at Elon

Heidi-from VA, Photography major and has lived in Bolivia

Jay-from D.C, Psychology major

Jessie - from VA, Elementary ed major and Business Minor

Jessica-from Raleigh NC, Elementary ed and wants to teach ESL

Caroline-Charlotte NC, Middle Grades Math, and can break dance although I've never seen it

Eric- NC, Elementary ed, and a tennis player

Brittany, NC, Education, she unfortunately left this Wednesday

Becca- NC, Elementary ed and the oldest student here and student teaching in CR

Me (Zack)- NA, Spanish and a member of the "tingo" constituency

Professor Lyday-Lee- originally from East Tennesee, professor at Elon for many years

Together we make-up Elon's 2009 spring semester in San Jose

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