Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zip-Lines: Monteverde

The highlight for most of us on our trip to Monteverde was the highly anticipated zip-line course! Some of us knew what to expect and others truly thought they would chicken-out. Before we even got all geared up in the harnesses and helmets, we all crowded around the map of the course and gasped at the altitude and speeds we were about to reach. Jessica was not feeling too confident, but told herself that she would be fine for the 8 seconds in the air...that was before she read that the shortest line would take 40 seconds...and at 42 mph, 330 feet in the air!
Despite many hesitations, we all made it up the Sky Tram to the highest peak. The thrill of the height, speed, lack of control and of course the breathtaking views kept each of us moving through all 9 lines. By the third platform, we were all running up the stairs to our next perch to jump off. Most of us would say that the 2nd to last line was our favorite. It was the longest, one of the fastest, and it was also one of the opportunities to ride tandem with another person.
It was SUCH a fun experience, and we would all agree that we are happy that we got to have such a cool experience, and of course another perspective of the beautiful cloud forests of Monteverde!

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