Friday, May 15, 2009

Posted By: Wini Mapel

On our last day.....

Tomorrow morning, we are all going to board the microbus for the last time and head to the Juan Santamaria International airport. The day, which we never thought would come, has finally arrived and leaving the place we now call home will bring unpredictable emotions. We will all be happy to get back to our cell phones and cars, but there will be so much to say goodbye to here in Costa Rica.
The hardest goodbye, will be to our new loving families here in Sabanilla. My tica family has been the most wonderful part of my experience here, and they have enabled me to feel comfrontable and a part of the community. I know that my host family, including my giant golden retriever Bruno, will always welcome me if I am ever in San Jose again in my life, and I will be sure to keep in touch.
It will be strange to not be able to ride a public bus to school or look in any direction and see breathtaking mountains. I am assuming that I will have to start cooking rice and beans when I am at home to help ease the culture change and find ways to implement Spanish into my daily conversation. There is so much that I know I will have to return to one day, so therefore I know that tomorrow I will not be saying goodbye to Costa Rica forever.

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