Monday, May 4, 2009

This past weekend Wini, Heidi, and I set out to find and explore Rio Celeste. Many people warned us of the difficult travel it took to get there, however, we had seen pictures and were determined to discover this, what appeared to be magical, rive for ourselves.
After several hours of travel, we found ourselves in Bijagua, Costa Rica. This is a small pueblo, deep in the mountains an hour from Rio Celeste. Here we made several good friends,enjoyed the annual fair, and even attended a rodeo. We were the only non-locals and we loved it. For once we were able to step back from being tourists and embrace the culture.
We spent Saturday hiking through the national park that held Rio Celeste. The hike was strenuous, but well worth it. The water was incredibly blue. It's said that after God finished painting the sky, He washed his paintbrush in the river and that is exactly how it seemed.

-Jessica Dobyns-

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